May. 22nd, 2011

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Last night I had a nice dream. I met this perfect girl. She had longish wavy light brown hair, brown eyes with beautiful eyelashes, and perfect pink lips, lips I imagine to be the most kissable in the world. She was wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt and old converse. And she wanted me. I don't know where we met, but we drove out to this old bridge and just sat and talked for what felt like hours and enjoyed being near each other. At one point I felt a bit of guilt because I knew I would have to leave the person I was with because I needed to be with this girl. I couldn't bring myself to kiss her, I think I was scared to, because she was so perfect. But she held my hand for a bit. I knew we were really in love. It was an overwhelming feeling of being safe and cared for. I woke up feeling great, but now I just feel disappointed that she doesn't exist. I miss her. It's sort of a weird thing to be feeling. I almost feel like crying.

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