Jun. 15th, 2011

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You've already left
a bruise in me
already you
are bleeding into me
like broken vessels
in skin
marking me.
Already I'm addicted
to what you are
giving me.
The parts of you
that you've let me taste
leaving me famished
and yearning for more.
Please don't stop
I don't know
if I could stay standing
if you pulled away now.
I don't know
if I can keep from falling
if you pull me any closer.
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Please someone
wake me,
because I'm falling
falling for you
falling asleep,
I keep wondering
how you kiss
and how you taste
feeling small
and huge
at the same time.

You're the after
effects of the big bang.
You're gravity, pulling matter
into spheres and forcing order
in an otherwise chaotic universe.
Like a black hole
destroying stars
while forming galaxies.
It's way to early to announce
that we've found life,
that we've found love
the most complex of molecules.

Someday all life will end
but you cant live in fear
of death.
You can't live in fear
of the end of love.


Jun. 15th, 2011 05:36 pm
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You can't leave yet.
Not until you've helped me
pull the shrapnel from my heart.
Not until you sew
up the holes
you rended in me.
I can't do it alone
with my shaking hands
and my head full of pain.
I can't staunch the flow
of feelings I have for you
until I understand
what parts of me
made me someone
you can't love.
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I have a sickness
in my blood,
a sickness they call love.
It starts in my heart
and flows through my veins
infecting every part of me.
It makes my bones ache
my body quake,
and my stomach twist in knots.
I need a shot,
a pill,
a cure,
to make this feeling stop.
I told myself not to rush
but once it started
the infection spread
without mercy.
By the time you severed
yourself from me
the disease had taken over.
Now I'm left
feeling sick
without a cure.

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